The panels obtained can be used both in consumer and commercial markets. 


They are resistant to heat and cold and can therefore be used for both exterior and interior applications. 

antibacterial, anti-formaldehyde and anti-UV

These panels can be safely used in the agri-food sector.

the manufacturing process provides a very large variety of shapes and colours

Depending on the raw materials used, and many designs can be integrated into the panels. The result is modular panels that can be shaped based on needs to meet every taste.


Our technology is available for starting a business wanting to work in the recycled glass sector or for an existing company wanting to add a component to its services.


Many products can be created by this method, such as:  


Paving stones
Standard and heated tiles
Conventional masonry blocks and bricks
Prefabricated wall kits for masonry
Indoor and outdoor consumer and commercial furniture
Standard and heated shower panels
Pre-mounted heating panels for walls and floors
Commercial walls with inlaid logos, fibre optics and/or lights

The biggest advantage of these panels is their great adaptability. They can be used in many other contexts (property of Eco-Surfaces). The manufacturing process is patent-pending.